Exploring new frontiers is a data & AI company that bridges medical research and clinical application through the development and integration of multimodal foundation models in oncology.

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We believe the next series of breakthroughs in healthcare are locked deep within clinical data. rebuilds the clinical AI stack. Through our data platform, multi-modal foundation models and derived applications, we unlock insights hidden deep within data to redefine the delivery of care and improve patient outcomes.

We build our platform for hospitals – to make data from clinical systems useable for further processing, to maximize compatibility and future-proof integration. Our platform is built on top of current clinical systems, open-source software, open-formats and in the cloud. With our platform, hospitals unlock data from their siloes, securely share data and AI, and drive the development of frontier-scale medical AI. 
We train multi-modal foundation models in partnership with leading European cancer research institutes. With their remarkable capabilities to learn representations of data across modalities: from clinical reports, to radiology and pathology images and sequencing data – multi-modal foundation models promise healthcare a new approach to unlocking insight and accelerating innovation. With access to our foundation models, hospitals can navigate their data and clinical researchers and companies within the field can adapt their AI to their domain of expertise.
Alongside our data platform and multi-modal foundation models we build a framework that enables clinical AI researchers and product teams to accelerate the development of next-generation healthcare applications. Our open-source evaluation framework measures the performance of foundation models across a broad set of healthcare applications and our inference platform enables the deployment of cutting-edge AI in the clinic, utilizing the data and foundation models within the hospital’s platform.

“Kaiko is collaborating with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) on the latest developments within AI to accelerate innovation in oncological care and research, all aimed at improving patient outcomes”

Since 2021, our collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL), a leading European cancer institute, has brought together medical experts, data and machine learning engineers to redefine their clinical data & AI stack. This now enables the integration of any AI model and supports the ongoing development of the latest AI applications, from the summarization and automated structuring of EHR records and automated trial matching to the comprehensive segmentation of any cell types.

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